NDM LLP handles complex client projects that need deep insights, market knowledge and global capabilities. Consequently, our teams are made up of a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.


Talent is critical to the success of NDM Advisors LLP. We invest heavily in our talent and recognise that the success of our firm is built on the diverse strengths of each of the members. We offer exceptional career opportunities to chartered accountants, Interns, Accountants, graduates, aspiring graduates, in an environment which is challenging, rewarding and distinct.
We encourage a transparent style of work, where individual opinions are valued, and feedback is openly accepted. We are looking for problem solvers, strategic thinkers and most importantly people with whom we can share our lives. For years we have produced a unique track record of delivering exceptional services to our clients that is the result of having great people operating in our unique culture.


Young Professionals

A consultancy firm is an exciting pot of people who can contribute through deep thinking and personal experiences. We value diversity and meritocracy. We have professionals from different walks of life as part of our set up. We recruit graduates from colleges& freshly qualified chartered accountants. But our selection does not stop there. We trust intelligence and passion for work as the defining criteria, not who you are or what you were.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced professionals can bring enormous value to our firm, and we recognise that. We believe people who have leadership capabilities, are experts in various spheres of law and technology, have the innate ability to build teams and nurture talent can be pillars of growth for our firm. We are committed to providing high-quality deliverables, yet we value and maintain an enjoyable work environment. With our commitment to expand the firm further, we always look for talented people who can think differently and want to be a part of this exciting growth story.


Our Internship program is designed to provide young students with a chance to gain valuable experience working in various practical aspects of the course. We offer a wide range of internship opportunities in fields such as indirect and direct taxation, corporate law, Intellectual Property and more.

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