Corporate Secretarial

NDM provides a full spectrum of corporate secretarial services to assist businesses establish a presence in India and in other day to day compliances. In India, businesses face a rapidly evolving landscape including regulatory changes, the adoption of more sophisticated approaches by the revenue authorities, and swift advances in technology. As operating models, organisational priorities, and corporate cultures shape each business, the right solutions for one may not be the best fit for another. NDM is able to assist businesses to identify unique approaches by assessing operational efficiencies and identifying opportunities in establishing presences in India and Asia, while fulfilling their ongoing regulatory obligations in a timely manner.


We assist clients to effectively manage their corporate secretarial matters in a cost-efficient and risk-minimal approach, which suits their specific business and operation needs through a flexible mix of in-house and external resources.

Comprising highly experienced specialists, NDM is able to deliver consistently high-quality services to businesses.





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