India Entry and Start-up Consulting

Expanding into new international markets can be challenging. Our seasoned teams can provide expert advice and insight to support you at every step of the way. From helping you with market feasibility, finding the best location and setting up a branch or subsidiary to assisting you with regulatory compliances and supporting your long-term business needs, we are committed to providing pragmatic and timely advice that allows you to focus on achieving your business goals. Our dedicated international business advisers take time to understand your business and objectives, and customise the specific services you require to make sure that you have the support to manage the risks and maximise the potential a new market offers. Our advisers can help at every stage of your company’s growth cycle – from starting-up, raising funding, listing on a global exchange, acquiring or merging with another company, or using India as a base to expand into other markets – which means that whatever the challenge, we are at your side.

India Entry and Start-up Consulting

India is home to the third-largest start-up community in the world. NDM has been partnering with Indian start-ups, throughout their lifecycle – while starting-up, scaling and expanding. NDM recognises that challenges faced by a start-ups changes as the business scales. We provide necessary insights and advice needed by start-up founders and management build a resilient company.

Have the most seasoned teams by your side in your India entry and expansion journey!

India Entry and Start-up Consulting
India Entity Set-upNDM helps you choosing the best entity structures based on variety of factors such as control, liability, compliances, funding, layering etc. We have expert teams to help you navigate the legal and secretarial compliances involved in the same and have your entity set up in no time.
Target Due Diligence ServicesFor investors planning to invest in Indian companies, its imperative that they duly assess the risks and make good the non-compliances before investing their stakes. Further, start-ups looking to raise funds or divest their business, vendor due diligence helps in avoiding ‘late surprises’ and the risk of value destruction during buy-side due diligence. With NDM by your side, rest assured that all the red flags and the probable bottle-necks would be duly tracked, which, in turn, minimises probable disruption to the ongoing business operations.
Global/ Overseas ExpansionWith NDM, your hunting grounds would always be global. NDM partners with start-ups in their global expansion journey (whether organic/ inorganic) and advise on investment structures, jurisdictional analysis, business model reviews, funding mechanisms, transfer pricing policies, Indian regulatory compliances and other requirements by leveraging our experience of global markets.
Raise Private Equity FundsNDM has rich knowledge of raising private and seed funding. We partner with high growth start-ups across a wide range of sectors and regions for fund-raising and beyond. We help start-ups achieve a successful fund-raise on optimum terms, giving them more time to focus on growing their business.
Becoming and Staying CompliantA business has to undertake multiple compliances across jurisdictions. As businesses grow, they struggle to keep up with compliances in a timely manner. Further, given the normal rate of attrition in organisations, it becomes difficult for them to track documents. We assist organisations in undertaking the requisite compliances through our cutting edge solutions. Our solutions are tailored based on industry and global presence and enable real-time tracking and mentoring.
Employee Compensation StrategiesWe know that hiring and retaining the best talent is key to a start-up’s success. We help start-ups evaluate and select the alternatives that works best for them – employee stock purchase scheme (ESPS), employee stock option plans (ESOPs) and stock appreciation rights (SARs). Further, we also help organisations in curating the employee friendly compensation structures and policies.
IPO strategyAn initial public offering (IPO) is a cornerstone event for an organization, and preparation for “being public” is just as important as preparation for “going public.” Gaining maximum value from an IPO requires confidence, decisiveness and the right foundation for success. We assist start-ups in evaluating the various alternatives for going public –Indian/ overseas listing/ special purpose acquisition vehicles, etc. – to help maximise returns for shareholders.
Data and AnalyticsOur specialist team brings end-to-end consulting capabilities for data and analytics across industries. We can help start-ups optimise data assets and make the right decisions faster by providing them actionable insights and business outcomes using AI/ ML-based analytics solutions. In addition, we help start-ups find new sources of revenue and capitalise on the untapped business intelligence they already own.

Chavvi Gupta (C.S)

Start-up and Entity Set Up Expert

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