PMS Advisory

PMS Advisory

Fund Management comes with unique challenges pertaining to the component structuring, software planning, accrual management, dry cash management and much more. We have industry leading experts to advise you on the industry best practices pertaining to fund planning and reporting.

Operating Prototype

We work with all sizes and stages of clients to develop suitable operating model to help them with their middle & back-office processes.

Process KPIs

Brainstorming bottlenecks and carving out process KPIs to service and monitor them.

Unorthodox Investment Industry Tools

We help our clients in identifying and even implementing suitable third-party tools ranging from reconciliation, collateral management etc.

PMS Advisory

From sandbox testing to going live with trading and setting up files to send data to external parties, we help our clients to setup trade workflows for variety of complex assets and OTC products.

Substitute Investment Industry systems

Advisory – Portfolio/ Investment Management

We help our clients in identifying and even implementing suitable systems ranging from Portfolio, Order, Reporting etc.

Accounting Setups

Gone are the days where accounting systems were only about Balance Sheet & P&L Reports. With changing dynamics of accounting system, we help clients with suitable accounting system vis-a-vis leveraging right technology and expertise.

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