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Being an entrepreneur, its crucial to negotiate the right terms while structuring and closing deals with Angel Investors. NDM can help you navigate negotiations with angel investors …. (read more)

We have the right blend of experts to help start-ups negotiate the funding deals with angel investors including structuring and closing the deals. Its critical to strike the right chords on negotiation table with angel investors and to close the deal with favorable/ beneficial clauses. In a haste to get the funding, often founders end up closing the deals with clauses which prove detrimental to their own interests at later stages when their start-up matures.

Its important for founders to be discreet on the negotiation table while closing the negotiations on liquidation preference, voting rights, dilution, non-compete, exit rights, drag-along/ tag-along, first refusal rights, board composition etc. and be prepared and familiar with the term sheet language and clauses of investor’s agreements.

Negotiating the investment terms with angel investors is a trust building exercise. It is a play where founders need to convince them with the ideas and plans to ensure their investment with the offer of providing them pre-specified common stock. At the same time founders need to be aware of the consequences of terms being agreed and the pro-actively drive the discussions into their favour. Its critical to have the right blend of financial advisors by your side who can assist your business navigate through the deal process.

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