PLI Scheme for Toy Manufacturing Segment

PLI Scheme for Toy Manufacturing Segment

Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, during his Mann ki Baat broadcast in August 2020, expressed a desire to establish India as a global toy manufacturing hub and to strengthen domestic designing and manufacturing capabilities.

The Toy Industry in India has historically been import dependent. Lack of raw-material, technology, design capability etc. led to huge imports of Toys and its components. In 2018-19, Toys worth USD 371 Mn (Rs. 2960 cr.) were imported into our country.  A large proportion of these toys were unsafe, substandard, counterfeit, and cheap.  

PLI Scheme for Toy Manufacturing Segment

To address the import of low-quality and hazardous toys and to enhance domestic manufacturing of toys, several strategic interventions have been taken by government. Some key initiatives include increase of Basic Custom Duty from 20% to 60%, implementation of Quality Control Order, mandatory sample testing of imported toys, granting more than 850 BIS licenses to domestic toy manufacturers, development of toy clusters etc. Several promotional initiatives including The India Toy Fair 2021, Toycathon 2021, Toy Business League 2022 were conducted to promote indigenous toys to encourage innovation and new-age design to suit global requirements. 

Complimented by sincere efforts of domestic toy manufacturers, the growth of Indian Toy industry has been remarkable in less than 2 years despite Covid-19 pandemic.  The import of toys in FY21-22 have reduced by 70% to USD 110 Mn (Rs. 877.8 cr.). There has also been a distinct improvement in quality of toys in domestic market. Simultaneously, the efforts of the industry have led to an export of 326 Mn USD (Rs. 2601.5 cr.) of toys in FY21-22, which is an increase of over 61% over 202 Mn USD (Rs. 1612 cr.) of FY18-19. India’s export of toys registered tremendous growth of 636% in April-August 2022 over the same period in 2013.

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